Pre-2012 Festival Results

Racing Results

The Warriors of Hope attend a number of Dragonboat Festivals each year. One of the objectives in racing is to show others, and ourselves, the results of our training as a team. The Warriors always give their best effort when competing against other Breast Cancer Survivor teams in the spirit of camaraderie as well as displaying our competitive nature and skill as paddlers. The other objective of racing is to show the public, and especially those who are coping with Breast Cancer, that a person can be active in this strenuous sport even after breast cancer. The effect on the public of the ‘Carnation Ceremony’ after a Survivor race demonstrates that they are getting our message.

For 2009 North Bay Festival information see:


June New Liskeard (no BCS race) participation medal
Montreal Bronze
Woodstock Gold
June Peterborough International 12th overall
June New Liskeard (no BCS race) participation medal
July North Bay Gold
August Wellington participation medal
June New Liskeard (no BCS race) participation medal
July North Bay Silver
July 19 North Bay – “B” Division (mixed) Gold
July 27 Dartmouth, NS – All Canadian BCS division Ranked 5th
June 16 Peterborough – Survivor Division
Peterborough – Women’s Open Division
July 7 Hamilton – Survivor Division Gold
July 21 North Bay – Survivor Division
North Bay – Women’s Open Division
No race
August 11 Huntsville – Survivor Division Gold
June 24 Ottawa Bronze
July 15 Sudbury (With Canadians Abreast)
No Survivor race
July 21 North Bay Gold
August 12 Huntsville Gold
September 16 Stratford 4th place
July 9 Port Perry Silver
July 23 North Bay Gold
August 27 Port Dover Gold
August 28 Welland 4th Place
September Stratford Silver
June 5 Guelph Gold
July 17 North Bay Silver
August 28 Barrie Silver
September 25 Kingston Gold
June 14 Peterborough Gold
July 11, 12 Belleville Bronze
July 19 North Bay Gold
September 6 Collingwood No Survivor Race
June 9 Pickering Gold
June 23 Ottawa Gold
July 20 North Bay Silver
July 27 St. Catherine’s Gold
September 7,8 Toronto Silver
September 14, 15 Stratford Silver
June 23 Toronto Island Bronze
July 14 Sudbury No Survivor Race
July 21 North Bay Gold
August 18 London Gold
September 8, 9 Stratford Bronze
September 15 Toronto (Ontario Place) Silver
June 24 North Bay No Survivor Race
July 15 Sudbury No Survivor Race
August 19, 20 London Gold
September 9, 10 Stratford Bronze